Why Give a Man a Massage: 9+ Reasons You Haven’t Even Thought About

How to fill a man with energy for great achievements? How to support him in a difficult moment? How to inspire an increase in financial well-being? These questions are asked by women around the world. Are you also interested?

Agree that the so-called “I will go and do it myself” support will not help. The external circle of the family, namely income, material well-being and protection, is the responsibility of the man. A woman will only be devastated by such responsibility. If you still choose this way, instead of inspiring muse a man will get squeezed like a lemon, an unhappy woman. This disorients him even more.

How do we act then? Feminine! Relax your loved one, fill him up and inspire him. The easiest and most accessible way is massage.

Coming home in the evening, a tired warrior wants one thing: to relax, to relieve stress, to get into a warm, trusting atmosphere, where he exhales and relaxes. And caring hands of your beloved woman will help to relieve tension, relax and recharge energy for a new day.

Reason #1: “inclusion” on loyalty

You know that in EU the wife, meeting her husband after long hikes, took his feet in her hands. She did it to “ground” her man, to show where his house was and where to go back. Still in many spiritual traditions there is an opinion that the foot massage “includes” the man on loyalty. And this is the first reason to massage your man.

Reason #2: erasure of negative experience

It is believed that foot massage on a thin level erases negative karma between a man and a woman. And if the experience of resentment is accumulated in the relationship, the memory of it will gradually go away with regular foot massage.

Reason #3: maximum relaxation

In India, Thailand, and China, it is well known that the endings of the meridian of the whole body converge on a person’s footsteps. Therefore, foot massage can relax and at a deep level to relieve tension from all internal organs. It will be indispensable in the days of maximum tension and fatigue of a loved one.

Reason #4: Restore energy balance

During a foot massage, the woman is lower than the man. This helps to restore the correct balance of energy in the pair. When a woman is at the feet of a man, his inner strength and determination increase. It stimulates him to become the “head” of the family, to take responsibility and control in their own hands.

Reason #5: Opening new horizons in front of a man

Here’s an interesting fact about the head massage. In many traditions, this type of massage is considered royal. In the past, it was given exclusively to rulers, Rajas and emperors. Only proven and well-trained specialists were allowed to the light heads of rulers.

This type of massage frees the head from unnecessary thoughts and doubts, clears the chakra of vision and opens new horizons.

Reason #6: Helping a man to become a leader

Massaging from the bottom up may encourage a man to make a serious decision or take a leadership role. Do you want a man to become a big boss? Start the massage with your feet, finish your head.

If, on the contrary, you want to relieve your loved one of the heavy burden of responsibility, give him a head-to-toe massage.

Reason #7: Filling with energy

In addition to relieving stress, relaxing and resting, the massage has another important function – filling with energy.

You know that a woman’s hands are miraculous, don’t you? For example, a woman can charge food if she holds her hands over a dish and thinks about something good. And this is not a joke! In US, this is the way a man chose his wife.

I’m telling you. Previously, the girls would line up and take a jug of water in their hands. The young man, the future groom, walked along this row and drank water from the hands of each applicant. The one whose water was the most delicious, became his wife. Interestingly, the water was the same, but the girls’ energy was different. The man felt from which hands he was filled and inspired.

So with massage. By giving a massage to your man, you can give him any energy message through your hands, including filling, love and inspiration.

Reason #8: sensual experience

A massage in capable hands can be a sensual experience for both. If you go from a relaxing technique to an exciting one, it can be the beginning of an exciting love game. For example, a slow, leisurely foot massage in stockings or a memorable soapy foam massage.

What’s good in this situation: the woman controls how long the game will last. During this time, she can also reach the peak of pleasure.

Reason #9: awakening strong emotions

Massage can awaken a serious passion. For example, if you make it with hot candle oil. This massage will awaken strong emotions that were previously deeply hidden. It is indispensable for increasing the degree of relationship. Especially if the first passions have already settled down or you want a bright feeling.

Whatever massage you give, the important thing is the message you’re giving. If you are relaxed, you enjoy it yourself, then the effect is sure to be there. And the recipient will appreciate the new experience!


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