The Mystery of the Mystical Orbs and Their Spiritual Significance

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Incredible light phenomena that appear on digital photos, turning each photo into a mystical scene – that’s how you could explain orbs.

Some claim that these round dots are simply dust particles, raindrops, or snowflakes lit up by the digital camera’s flash. Nothing special, but they still look fascinating and beautiful in the digital photos.

However, some facts speak against it. First, you can also take them with you other camerasnot only with the help of digital cameras.

Second, if it were simply dust particles, there should be thousands of them in every digital photograph. Third, you can also photograph them underwater, what speaks against dust particles.

And lastly, if you take a series of photos, you can see that the orbs don’t stay in the same placebut appear in different places, or they move.

There simply has to be something more behind these light phenomena. If you think so too, you’ve come to the right place.

Today we are dealing with that spiritual meaning of the orbs and we are looking for answers that the esoteric offers about these balls of light, which are also called ghost spots.

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Show 1 Spiritual meaning of orbs 2 What are orbs according to esotericism? 2.1 1. Angels 2.2 2. Souls 2.3 3. Energy fields 2.4 4. Other beings 3 What do the different colors of the orbs mean? 3.1 1. Silver Or White Orbs 3.2 2. Blue Orbs 3.3 3. Green Orbs 3.4 4. Red Or Orange Orbs 3.5 5. Pink Orbs 3.6 6. Gray Orbs 3.7 7. Black Orbs 4 Why Are Orbs So Popular? 5 Can everyone see orbs? 6 Conclusion

Spiritual Significance of the Orbs

When translating Orbs from English to German, one can simply translate it as Kugel. However, assuming that the word comes from the Latin language, it would appear in German as “the wise” translate.

This meaning already tells us that it really is something special and possibly even supernatural. Another fact suggests that orbs are actually beings of light.

Orbs images show locations with in most cases a strong spiritual energy like altars or nature. The other case where orbs are also common are events where you can find strong emotions such as at a wedding or other celebration where there is laughter and dancing.

However, they can also be found on the other end of the emotional spectrum, such as at a funeral.

Some people even believe that in order to photograph orbs, one must be on the path to spiritual development oneself.

In any case, one can say that these light phenomena are no coincidence. And that they send us an important message.

But who is this message from?

What are orbs according to esotericism?

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Esotericists don’t quite agree on what orbs actually are. The two most well-known to deal with this topic are probably Diana Cooper and Kathy Crosswell. In her book, Orbs Messengers of Love, according to her, orbs could be the next spirit beings.

1. Engel

According to the first theory Orbs are angels who come to earth in the form of balls of light. These are primarily Guardian Angel. Your job is to be around people and take care of them.

But also the Archangel Michael, archangel Chamuel or Archangel Raphael. The archangels are often on the move as messengers between our world and the spiritual world.

So in both cases, orbs are messages from heaven that we are never alone, that someone cares about us, and that someone is watching over us at all times.

2. souls

Many are of the opinion that Orbs are actually the souls of the deceased who are not yet ready to cross over to the other side and thus remain in a kind of intermediate world. Either they are afraid of the unknown, do not want to leave their loved ones, or they still have not accepted their death.

Supporting this theory is the fact that orbs can often be found around ancient, forgotten ruins believed to be occupied by spiritual beings. They are also often found in places where great human tragedies have occurred.

3. Energy fields

Energy is all around us and within us. It is alive and constantly changing shape. Many are of the opinion that Orbs are simply released energy in the form of drops.

Orbs are even believed to be fragments of thoughts, manifestations, or affirmations are. So a kind of visible signals that we send out into the universe.

4. Other beings

Ascended masters, fairies, elementals, unicorns or even aliens ‒ The possibilities are numerous when it comes to what orbs might be, but some theories are more common than others.

In any case, the majority of people believe that orbs are a psychic phenomenon. Of course there are always skeptics, but that’s the way it is everywhere, no matter which esoteric topic is discussed.

But did you know that orbs can also come in different colors?

What do the different colors of the orbs mean?

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At first it was thought that orbs only came in one color – a milky white shade. But you can also find them in other colors and some have noticed that you Orbs can be found in different locations by color, and so individual colors have been associated with different meanings.

1. Silver or White Orbs

White orbs or white with a silver ray are the most common of all. These colors symbolize something that is pure and innocent.

They also represent goodness and perfection. So orbs of this color are always a good sign. It is precisely these that are assumed to be angels or spirits.

Sometimes people also see something like a face in them, which confirms this theory.

2. Blae Orbs

Above all, blue is a calming color. She stands for truth, peace, inspiration and a high spiritual development.

Blue orbs are believed to represent spiritual leaders. It is believed that places where you can find them have a special energy and that you should work there on your own spiritual path.

One can, for example, meditate in these places. It is even believed that visions can be experienced to guide our paths.

3. Green Orbs

Green is the color of balance and harmony. It means that mind, soul and body are in harmony. It also shows a strong connection between people and nature.

Green orbs are therefore easy to recognize in nature photos, but they are also present in large numbers when various spiritual rituals are performed. In any case, they are a good sign.

4. Red or Orange Orbs

These two colors can be associated with strength, power and security. They also symbolize strong emotions. Sometimes even anger, anger or aggressiveness.

It is precisely in this color that one could find souls who have not yet arrived on the other side and who still have a connection to our mundane world. It doesn’t have to be a bad sign, despite the negative emotions these colors sometimes represent.

5. Rosa Orbs

This color is a classic symbol of love. But it is also associated with tenderness, care and loyalty.

It is precisely these orbs that can often be seen on digital photos showing, for example, a wedding. It symbolizes not only romantic love, but also spiritual or divine love.

In any case, pink orbs are a positive sign and good energy.

6. A Serious Orbs

Those orbs aren’t a bad sign, but they’re not a good sign either. The gray color is actually pretty neutral and so are the gray orbs.

They can either show a sad and even depressive energy or they can be a sign that you are not on a good spiritual path yourself. If you see them, you might want to try to figure out what is hindering your spiritual development.

7. Black Orbs

The color black is usually associated with negative energy. Such an example is black magic.

So black orbs aren’t exactly the ones you want to see either. According to one theory, they can be found in places where a serious tragedy has taken place.

If you feel uncomfortable somewhere and then see black orbs, don’t ignore your gut feeling and leave that place.

In most cases, however, you actually feel comfortable when you see orbs.

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The idea that these light phenomena are spiritual beings that are there to protect us, show us love or transmit an important message from heaven and the universe is a pleasant idea. It is human nature to search for a higher meaning.

The fact that there is something more, that we are not alone, is at the same time reassuring, but also serves as an inspiration to strive for more and for improvement.

Not even skeptics who see orbs simply as a play of light can deny that they give photos a magical aura.

Can everyone see orbs?

Yes, everyone can see orbs in photos. There are theories that you will see more orbs if you walk the spiritual paths yourself, but the fact that skeptics can see orbs proves that anyone can.

Some people say they can even see orbs with the naked eye and don’t need a digital camera for it. This is also further evidence that this phenomenon has a greater significance and is not only caused by dust particles.


For some simply a play of light and for others proof of the existence of a higher power. But everyone agrees – Orbs add a touch of magic to any photo they are found on.

If you have an open heart and aren’t afraid of the supernatural, you really have to see that orbs are a mystical phenomenon. The spiritual meaning of the orbs is still not fully understood, but one of their messages is clear: We are not alone <3

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