Recognize Old Soul by Eyes – Follow these 7 Signs

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The concept of the old soul is a mystery to many people. They are open, they believe that we are more than this physical body, that there is more than what meets the eye.

They can easily understand horoscope and zodiac signs. They are even aware of the fact that angels are all around us, watching over us and sending us signals.

But the thought that our souls have lived before is fascinating and somehow difficult to accept. And yes, most of us are old souls and this lifetime is just one of our reincarnations.

But how can you be sure? How do you recognize an old soul?

The answer is very easy – You can tell old souls by their eyes.

You might think that’s hocus-pocus now 😀 But I promise I’ll explain it to you in more detail.

After reading this article you will surely be able to tell an old soul from a young soul. And you will also find the answer to the questions “Am I an old soul?” and “Is anyone around me an old soul”.

So let’s get started!

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Fade in 1 7 signs to recognize an old soul by their eyes 1.1 1. They are not afraid of eye contact 1.2 2. Their gaze is reassuring 1.3 3. Their eyes are alive 1.4 4. They see deeply within us 1.5 5. You feel a special connection to them 1.6 6. You feel good in their presence 1.7 7. You lose yourself 2 What is an old soul anyway? 3 Conclusion

7 signs to recognize an old soul by its eyes

1. You are not afraid of eye contact

You know that game we used to play as kids when you have to look into each other’s eyes? The idea was to see who could hold out longer.

Most people don’t feel comfortable looking into the eyes of a stranger. That’s why this game is so interesting.

But old souls have no problem with that. They will look you in the eyes without any problems at first glance, from the very first second.

You don’t hesitate at all. Because they really want to get to know you. Not just the superficial, but everything that you are.

On the other hand, someone with a young soul will probably try to judge you based on other things about you. For example through your posture, your looks, even your clothes.

Yes, I admit we all do it at times. But over time we and our souls learn what is more important, where is the truth. Only an old soul can know that.

2. Her gaze is reassuring

When other people tell us something and they look into our eyes, Can’t we always keep this look for a long time. We get nervous and our gaze begins to wander.

We are looking for an object, anything to focus on. We keep trying to make eye contact to show we’re listening, but for some reason we can’t hold that eye contact for very long.

On the other hand, looking an old soul in the eye during a conversation calms us down. We could listen to them for hours and look at their eyes.

Suddenly we have no problem maintaining eye contact. We’re just relaxed, and it’s just those eyes that relax us.

3. Your eyes are alive

beautiful woman with green eyes posing

Have you ever listened to someone and felt as if that person had their story memorized and didn’t feel or show any emotion at all? She has glassy eyes and speaks with the same tone no matter what the topic of conversation.

That probably wasn’t an old soul. When old souls talk about special events, you can see a special twinkle in their eyes.

Their eyes and their stories are alive. You can almost see the narrative in front of your own eyes, as if we were there ourselves.

They just speak with a lot of passion. You can tell by the way they speak, their facial expressions, but also their eyes. You can feel how important they are to what they tell us.

4. They see deep inside us

It is said that the eyes are the windows to the soul. But the fact is, not everyone knows how to look through those windows.

Many people look us in the eye every day. You may notice some things like the color of our eyes.

But they don’t see further behind. They don’t immediately recognize from our eyes what kind of people we are and what our desires are.

Old souls have experienced a lot in their previous lives and they can read people pretty well, so to speak. When they look into your eyes, you feel like you can’t hide anything from them.

And you really don’t want to hide anything. You want to tell him everything and you want to be 100% honest about it. That’s because they found a way to your soul.

5. You feel a special connection to them

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Have you ever found yourself in a room full of people and suddenly you see one person, your eyes meet, you look deep into each other’s eyes and everything else disappears? You forget where you are, who you are with and what you are doing.

All that exists in this moment is you two. Your looks and a special and incredibly deep connection between you two prevail.

You feel like it’s impossible to look anywhere else. And actually you don’t want that at all.

You want to lose yourself in those eyes forever. You feel like you’ve met an acquaintance you haven’t seen in a while but care about.

And maybe that’s true. Maybe this is your soul mate, your soul mate. Perhaps you have already met in a previous incarnation or your souls were once the same soul.

Young souls do not often have the opportunity to meet someone they know from a past life. It usually takes a while and several reincarnations before you find yourself again.

6. You feel comfortable in their presence

Have you ever heard that someone has warm eyes? Somehow you feel comfortable when they look at us.

We know that we are in a safe place, that nothing bad will happen to us. As if they embrace us with their eyes.

We feel a special warmth in our heart when we see people with such eyes. Those are eyes of an old soul too.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you can’t feel comfortable or safe with someone with a young soul, but there doesn’t seem to be that special warmth in their gaze that’s difficult to describe and explain.

But once you’ve experienced it, you’ll know what I’m talking about. You will probably never forget this feeling.

7. You lose yourself

Woman looks into the distance and thinks or dreams

Old souls in particular are often said to be loners. They have their own way of life.

They don’t care how others live and what they think of them. They don’t care about other people’s opinions.

All that matters to them is that they themselves are happy and content. And you can sometimes see that in their eyes.

One can notice the moments when they lose themselves in themselves. When they start to reflect on everything they have experienced and when they deal with their own thoughts.

In these moments, they usually look somewhere in the distance, but you can see from their eyes that a lot is happening in their heads. Though they may be sitting quietly, their minds are racing back and forth.

So, as you can see, it’s not that hard to recognize an old soul by its eyes. But do you know what really defines an old soul and which soul ages there are?

What exactly is an old soul?

We now know that souls can be divided into five archetypes: the infant soul, the child soul, the young soul, the mature soul and the old soul.

When a soul first comes into the world, it is an infant soul and that is the only phase that lasts only one lifetime for everyone.

Further development depends on the soul itself. Depending on how far she is on her soul path and how many of her learning tasks she has already completed, one can also determine her soul age.

So you’ve already experienced a lot, but you’re still not quite there. Only when they have completed all their learning tasks can they complete their journey and return to the big picture.

On their way they also meet other souls, have different relationships with them. Some also meet them in other incarnations, especially if everything has not been resolved between them. In this case, their karma will draw them back to each other.

It is also possible that at the time of reincarnation an old soul splits into two souls. In this case we speak of twin souls who later look for each other.

When twin souls or souls who know each other from a previous life meet, it is something very special, an incredible attraction and it has a deeper meaning for them and their soul path.


Souls come from eternity and they return to eternity. In between, however, they lead several lives.

In their young years they are still inexperienced, naive and curious. With every life and with every reincarnation they gather more knowledge and are one step closer to the big picture.

They change along the way. Instead of being inexperienced, naive and curious, they radiate a certain wisdom, calmness, inner peace and warmth.

There’s one more thing she reveals – You can tell an old soul by its eyes!

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