How to Prepare For a Romantic Evening: 7 Hot Things We Forget

Why do some dates go as smoothly as they come, and others want to forget, as if a terrible dream?

This is the story that has happened to every woman. You prepare for a date, pick up a dress, makeup, do styling, women’s practice. In general, all according to the textbook. But 5 minutes after the meeting you realize that this is not a date, but a nightmare! Awkward pauses, nervously clenched knees, spilled wine, it is constantly in the phone, you are constantly on the nerves.

But there are times the other way around. You drop in on a date between a meeting at work and going shopping. In jeans, sweater and with a bunch on your head. And this date turns into a fairy tale: he is nice and gentle, interesting and hot, and you do not take your eyes off him and catch his every word.

Hence the natural question: what does a successful date depend on? Read this article and you will know everything.

Emotional moods are all ours

The mood of a woman is one of the decisive factors for a successful date. Remember firmly as a recipe for a fashionable smoothie: the emotional background is created by the beautiful half of humanity! The man only accepts the energy message that we carry.

If before the date you work with your mood, for example, listen to your favorite music, dance, take a hot bath, you will come to the meeting with a good emotional mood. This will set an easy and uplifting tone throughout the evening.

Men need to adjust too.

I recommend warning the man of a planned date three days in advance, ideally three days in advance. Because they also need to adjust.

As usual, we women spend a week preparing for the same meeting. First we go to one part of Moscow to get the perfect manicure, then we go the opposite way to buy the perfect underwear. We remember everything, but we forget about the important thing: to warn a man about a date. We fall on his head like snow in March, and he may have planned to watch a match or go through the next level of the fight with monsters.

If the man knows in advance that the evening is planned for you, he will mentally look forward to this meeting.

Let him yearn to see you

It’s even better that a man doesn’t just plan a date, but that he wants to see you passionately. He should dream of a date with you. How to achieve this?

If you don’t live together yet, you’ll find it easier. If you’ve been married for a long time, don’t get upset. I have a few secrets for you.

Secret # 1. Three to four hours after the man left on his own business, send him a few photos of himself in lingerie with the inscription: “Help him choose which lingerie to wear today? Maybe not wear it at all? I don’t know…

I guarantee that the rest of the time he will think only about you: what kind of set have you chosen, will you dare to come on a date without underwear?

Secret # 2. Do not restrain your imagination! You can warm up the interest of a man as suggested by your imagination. For example, send him a photo with a pose from Kamasutra and sign: “Accidentally came across the Internet. Shall we try it?

Use any hooliganism you can do, let him think about you.

Your eyes should shine

This point I do not get tired of repeating at the basic training for the state of Mistress: your eyes should shine! No matter how many years you are together, a man always wants to see in his eyes a favorite desire and interest in his person.

How can you do that? Very simple. Exercises for intimate muscles! Make a few approaches, and you will emanate a radiant energy – the energy of passion, desire. Powerful force, which men come together like moths.

Your comfort comes first

As paradoxical as it may sound, I still insist: don’t forget to date yourself! Even if a romantic dinner is your gift to a man, it doesn’t change the fact that you two spend time together. You should also be comfortable and comfortable.

The place should be chosen so that you can easily bounce out of the taxi without dirtying your beautiful shoes. The time should be convenient for you so that you can make all the preparations without haste. The kitchen should be the one that suits your type of food.

Yes, these issues are decided by the man, they may not depend on you. But if you ask him in advance, “Honey, it’s so important I don’t get my shoes dirty,” he’ll remember that for you.

Moon Phase

Don’t be surprised, but the moon phase can be a key success factor on your date. If the moon grows, then the woman has everything by herself. You get the feeling that the loving stream of life carries it on your hands.

If the moon diminishes, everything seems to fall out of hand. And even a broken nail in the waning moon can be a disaster.

You will now ask: what now, for half a month, not to go on a date while the moon is waning? Of course not. But consider this fact. And a broken nail will only make you smile. You will remember that all women of the world are now exposed to the phases of the Moon, and very soon everything will return to its course.

But still, I recommend the largest and most important dates, for example, trips for two, weekends in Europe, honeymoon – to plan for the days of the growing Moon.

Ease and humor are your best friends

Rescue sticks are light and humorous. There is no free table in your favorite restaurant, the heel is broken, it is half an hour late – all this can be turned into a deep disappointment or a reason for laughter and joyful memories. It’s up to you!

I wish you the brightest and most memorable dates, which will be perfect!

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