How to Love a Guy: 10 Tips To Do Now!

Freundschaft fließt aus vielen Quellen, am reinsten aus dem Respekt. - Daniel Defo Relationship

How do you know what to love

There are cases when relationships and feelings can be saved through negotiations, communication or a visit to a psychologist. But there are also cases when nothing can be resuscitated anymore, but only to bury and go on.

When it is necessary to fall in love:

  • the relationship is over (the guy left, you left, you both left);
  • constant resentment;
  • disrespect on his or your part;
  • contempt (explicit or secret);
  • he’s lying all the time or you have to lie for the sake of peace;
  • no more trust;
  • you fight in public, humiliate each other;
  • you are very far apart from each other;
  • asking you to prove your feelings, manipulation;
  • he’s carried away by another woman or you’re carried away by another man;
  • addiction, deviations;
  • the ghost of a past relationship as a former; comparison with others (not in your favor);
  • relationship violence.

If you’ve noticed any of the items on this list in your relationship, it’s worth considering giving up on loving your partner, having a relationship with him, or trying to renew. Move on to the next item.

How to fall in love with someone

So, here are some working tips to help you understand the content of your head, as well as – with unwanted attachment to the person.

100 against

You have to find all the shortcomings of your partner, from external to internal, write them out on leaves and reread them every time you want to think about him. Pick on and pester at this stage in your own pleasure: mark the way he laughs unpleasantly, how little he earns and how badly he cooks, that spreads his socks and does not lower the toilet seat. A collection of his ugliest and most disgusting qualities and features, habits and attitudes should appear on paper.

Don’t complain

It’s okay to share emotions with your friends and talk about the gap in the first few weeks, but it’s not worth talking about how bad your ex is, how badly he treated you and what a nasty type he is. Do not let the name of the ex in contact with loved ones: enjoy your communication and leisure, have fun and get cool emotions.

On the blacklist

Blacklisted him, his new girlfriend, mom, dad, grandparents, friends and girlfriends. If they remind you of him and spoil the mood. With a partner, a whole bunch of other people come into our lives and leave with him if you split up. There are exceptions, of course, but they confirm the rule. If you can’t stand the communication or presence of these people in your life, give up on them and communicate with them. The same goes for gifts: if they hurt you and make you sad, put them in the closet for a while.

Put your energy in the right direction

Relationships are gone, you’ve got a lot of free time left. That’s a plus. But it’s filled with sadness. It’s a minus. In that case, try to start a new and interesting hobby: start a blog about movies or books, take a mobile photo, explore the city or paint for your pleasure, write a story or a novel – it’s up to you. Use all our advice and you’ll see: soon you’ll forget that this boyfriend was even there.

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