How Not to Lose Yourself In a Relationship

Frau, die einen Brief schreibt, während sie Morgenkaffee trinkt Psychologie

A man needs a man, that’s how this world works. Love has the power to make you happy in all your activities. We, girls, are ready to give all of ourselves in a relationship with the man we love, to be his support and main motivation in all his life path. But it happens that in the pursuit to please a man, we lose ourselves and forget about our own energy, desires and dreams. If you know this, and you want to know how to avoid it, rather read today’s article!

A woman’s inner world is multifaceted, her energy is a strong weapon, and the ability to underestimate herself is the main reason for her destruction as a person.

Man is not the center of the universe

The union of a man and a woman is either beautiful or terrible. It is beautiful when you complement each other, existing as two developed and interesting individuals. It is terrible when your relationship destroys each of you: a woman loses her wisdom and energy, and a man does everything to make you his property. Let’s not miss the moment, which sometimes is the opposite, when a woman takes all the life force of a man. But today we will talk about the loss of a woman in a relationship and how to avoid it.

Before the relationship you loved yourself, were the soul of company, spectacular and attractive? And lately, I’ve been catching myself thinking, “Who have I become and what do I have?” That’s what happens when you’re in a relationship that slowly but surely destroys you, when love eclipses everything and keeps you from breathing with your chest. If you allow yourself to be suppressed, oppressed and broken, be prepared to lose your vital energy.

How and when does a relationship begin to lose itself?

It starts exactly when you let a man control your life more than you do it yourself. When a man decides he’s gonna take control of your time. You don’t notice it yourself, you start doing everything under his clear guidance, constantly consulting and pestering him about anything. No, we’re not saying it’s bad to consult with a man, we’re just saying that you become a hostage to his opinions and stop thinking for yourself.

You take his opinion as the only truth, depriving yourself of your own opinion and interests. You eliminate the possibility that in this situation he should have listened to you. Remember, the man is not always right!

You start neglecting the communication with your friends and family, who used to be everything to you. Just remember how many of you, dear girls, with the advent of a relationship, forget about the existence of their friends, replacing them all with one single person – your partner. Your companion is undoubtedly – and your friend, your lover, your partner and your main support, but as you know, there must be more friends. Your surroundings are connections. Include your networking skills, and return interest to yourself as an interesting, inspired and shining from the inside and outside girl/woman.

You are also suppressed as a person at the moment when a terrible life begins: “My husband said I don’t have to work, so I sit at home, raise my children and create a homely home. The modern world has long since departed from well-established stereotypes, including this one. To create a full-fledged happy family now is possible only if we take into account that a man will “give” a woman the opportunity to develop and be self-sufficient, and a woman will feel respect and understanding from the man for her choice. A man can advise and offer his help, but how not to make a decision for you!


Let’s try to bring everything together in one very useful advice for you: if you are a modern and reasonable girl / woman, remember always about yourself! Relationships with men should not destroy your personality and block the flow of air in you.

So that a man did not become your sworn enemy, and you did not have to blame him for the fact that he killed in you personality and took away your best years of life, start working on yourself. Put in your head the idea that you must become the one that will always be few and never many; be self-sufficient and interesting, filled with female energy, representing your life and without a man in it. Let it be interesting for you to be alone with yourself, only then will there be a man who loves and respects you, who feels your wisdom, character and who is ready to unravel you all his life.

We advise you not to enter into a relationship if you’re not already ready for it. And to find out “ready or not”, you will help all the above written and correct literature, which we advise you to read.

A list of literature on relationships and happy union

We have prepared for you a list of the best literature about “healthy” relationship between a man and a woman. Read and change your vision of a healthy relationship!

  • John Gray, “Men from Mars, Women from Venus.”
  • Debra Olivier’s “The Frenchman’s Home: About the Kitchen, the Sexy Receptions.”
  • Mikhail Litvak “Man and Woman”
  • Elena Antonovich “Mistakes of love, or 10 ways to spoil a relationship with a man.”
  • Tatsunari Iota “She can’t explain, he can’t guess. The Japanese art of dialogue without quarrelling.”
  • Daniel Shapiro “On Emotions. How to deal with the most painful conflicts in the family and at work.”
  • Liz Bourbaud “Love, love, love. About different ways to improve relationships, about accepting others and yourself.”
  • Steve Harvey “Act like a woman, think like a man.”

A benefit for those who have not yet entered into a relationship, but want to build one in the right way.

It all starts with choosing the future parterre. Who attracts our attention in the first place, of course, the narcissistic beauty, rude and womanizer. Instead of running away from him, you, smart and beautiful, decide that he is a great option! After living with him, you scream that everything is not the best in him. No, he’s not the one who turned out to be, you’re the one who set up a bunch of illusions at the beginning of the relationship that he is the best with you and your relationship will change him. All men show up at once, and how bad he gets for you, it’s all your loss.

Don’t make illusions, avoid the phrase “good girls love bad boys”.

“Mark the rules of the game.”

In the initial stages, together with the pink glasses and the wings, soberly assess your chances for the future. If you love yourself and respect yourself, already at the initial stage understand whether you go with this person in the same direction or in different. Analyze the words, actions and actions of the man.

Tell us if you have experienced the problem of personality suppression and what helped you to build a healthy relationship with your young man.

Take things slow and be patient. Take their word for it.

So you’re going to put on those beautiful ring, from the moment your man’s leaving the house to the moment he comes home, so that, for at least an hour, you’re ready to accept his offer to settle down.

He’s going to tell you he’s a little worried that marriage is a little unfair to the tired old heart-stopper. But you don’t need to listen to him.

You’re not in the position to stand around and babble for hours. That’s not what you want.

And you’re not in the position to cater to his worries and go through

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