Destiny and Encounters: Do our paths cross by chance?

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Has it ever happened to you that you meet a person and think that the universe sent them into your life?

Have you ever felt such a special connection to someone that you thought fate had a hand in it and arranged everything for your paths to cross?

People come into our lives and then leave. Some stay, some leave a mark, some pain and disappointment, but each of them plays a role in our lives.

We often wonder if these are random encounters or if each encounter is actually predetermined by a higher power. If you’ve ever wondered if fate affects encounters, read on because in this article we’re going to talk about exactly that!

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Fateful encounters: Why do certain people come into our lives?

Certain people come into our lives to transform it, to transform us, to teach us lessons, and to help us grow.

From childhood to adulthood, we meet countless people who all shape our lives in different ways.

Every person has a meaning in your life. Although sometimes it’s not clear why at first, over time you somehow realize that there was a specific reason why they just appeared in our lives.

There are several encounters with people in life that are believed to be determined by the higher power of destiny:

people who make you stronger

Every encounter has a reason even if it turns out to be the most painful thing in your life. Because all the failed loves and failed friendships happened for a reason, and that was to make you stronger.

As unbearable as it sounds that we all have to go through the pain to realize our strength, that’s the way it is.

There are people that we open our hearts to and give them unconditional love only to get sadness and disappointment from them.

They let you look into the abysses of the human soul, but as they say: What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Every broken heart and defeat of yours has only brought out your strongest sides.

You stuck it out and kept going. These fateful encounters brought out the best in you.

People who teach you a lesson

All of those people who hurt and broke you taught you valuable life lessons.

A person who was not your true friend revealed to you what qualities a true friend should have.

A man who didn’t appreciate you taught you how to appreciate yourself.

From every good but also bad encounter with fate other people can be learned and applied to future relationships.

people who make you grow

And after all these people appear people who, like sunshine, bring warm rays into your life. You then ask yourself, “How is it possible that such a person came into my life?”

They come after all that pain and suffering to make you whole againto heal your wounded heart and give you inner peace and contentment.

After every rain comes the sun, so these fateful encounters are not without reason. These people are like your peaceful sanctuary after storms and shipwrecks.

They can stay in your life and they can only be temporary, but after you meet them, your life takes on a deeper meaning.

People who remind you of your worth

Destiny will also bring people into your life whose job it is to remind you of your own values.

These are the people who encourage you to grow. Discovering the best in you and showing it with pride. They motivate, encourage and inspire you to do better and are capable of your whole life turn to the positive.

Such people are a freshness in your life because with them you discover how much you can actually achieve.

Valuable lessons they will teach you are lessons about self-love and self-esteem, and you will be grateful to them for a lifetime.

people who stay in your life

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And then there are the people you have special chemistry with that stay with you for the rest of your life. These are rare friendships and loves to be thankful for.

These are the people who stick with you through thick and thin, who hold your hand, through ups and downs.

They have been through everything with you and have never let you down.

Your paths are so intertwined that they cannot separate. You value each other, love each other unconditionally, and respect each other.

Nothing in the world can shake the foundations of your relationship knowing that destiny brought you together to make each other’s lives happier.

Nothing can replace such people and relationships.

your soul mate

We always wonder when we are going to meet our soulmate. We check our horoscope and zodiac signs to see if the stars will finally align and send us the right one.

When it comes to destined love encounters, there are inevitable loves in our lives and your soulmate is there to convince you that your meeting is no coincidence.

But when you meet your soulmate, you’ll know right away that you’re connected in spirit. Your eyes will be mirrored in each other, your hearts will beat as one and burst with energy.

There is a belief that all of us in this world have our other half looking for us. The union with the other half of yourself is obvious because everything around you will tell you: This is the person you have been waiting for your whole life.

This makes one wonder if all encounters are preordained.

Are encounters predetermined?

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Most encounters are destined to happen. Regardless of whether one believes that a higher power has acted or that one has influenced one’s destiny, destiny encounters with people are a part of life.

Life is full of things and events that we don’t understand. The universe rearranges itself every day, and with it our surroundings and ourselves. Everything moves and rotates.

As a result, something new is constantly happening and new people are entering our lives, influencing us, guiding us and contributing to our self-development.

Whether it is fate or not is anyone’s guess, but for better understanding let’s talk about fate in the next paragraph.

what is destiny

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Destiny, according to popular belief, is a force that determines the life of every individual and from which one cannot run.

So everything happens for a reason and after that belief you can’t change it. The belief that everything is predestined also exists in some religions, and it is believed that God determines what an individual’s life will be like.

When it comes to encounters with other people goes, you can as chance encounters to be seen, but also as fateful ones if we then give them a meaning for our lives.

If two people keep meeting each other, they may attribute it to chance, but they will wonder if there is a specific reason why they keep meeting. Maybe it’s because they’re made for each other?

Some of these phenomena can also be explained by Gustav Carl Jung’s theory of synchronicity, i.e. when two apparently completely unrelated things meet and thus have significance for the life of an individual.

Jung developed the concept of synchronicity by arguing that the importance of connecting these things actually takes place in our minds.

This means that we always attach a certain meaning to them and believe that they come from a special reason happen while they play no role for the environment.

While some believe in fate, others claim that everything happens by chance, but there are several things that make our life i. H. our destiny, which every single person can change.

1. Our beliefs

If we think negatively, bad things will happen to us all the time, if we think positively, good things will happen to us, right? According to the Law of Attraction, we have this power to attract certain things in our lives.

This is how we can manifest our desired partner, among other things. When we are pessimistic about life and let negative beliefs guide us, there is a high likelihood that unhappiness will befall us.

If we start with ourselves and change our attitude towards the positive, a positive turn will take place in our lives.

2. Our environment

Okay, we can’t control where we’re born, into which family, with how much money and opportunities, but we have the freedom to choose our environment.

We have options and choices about what we will do with our lives. We can choose what is good for us and surround ourselves with people who are good for our well-being.

3. Karma

In Eastern beliefs there is a belief in karma, meaning that every action has its consequences.

If you have done something bad to someone else, it will come back to you. And the reverse is also true: if you do good, good will happen to you.

According to some other beliefs, in order to achieve inner peace and harmony in this life, karma comes from the previous life, which must be purified.

You can certainly find many great books on Amazon about this, but first you can browse through our fate encounter sayings.


Our life is shaped by phenomena that we mostly cannot understand. This also includes encounters with other people and relationships in our lives.

We often wonder if these are just chance encounters or if a higher power sent them into our lives, but one thing is clear: Each of these people is made of one special reason entered our life.

Perhaps this reason is not known at first, but over time one learns what role they actually played.

Whether it’s people who strengthened us with their betrayals, people who healed our hearts with their love, or people who brightened our lives with their presence, time will tell.

After all, it doesn’t matter if fate affects the encounters in our lives, as long as we have people in our lives who love us and who we love.

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