7+ Sex Mistakes Men Make in Bed and How to Avoid Them

It is best to learn from other people’s mistakes, especially if it comes to such fine matter as sex

Here, even a small mark can be a fatal mistake, and, it would seem, an innocent action on your part threatens to turn into a collapse in bed.

Kissing during sex

It may be hard to believe, but most men don’t kiss their partners during sex. And this is one of the worst mistakes in bed. Of course, there are poses in which it is very difficult to kiss. However, when you are in it, try to kiss her.


Many women like sexual pressure and even some aggression in sex. But until your partner gets excited as much as possible, biting all sorts of parts of her body can cause a woman not only discomfort, but also pain. Remember, everything in its time.

Ignoring everything but the genitals and breasts

Without a doubt, the vagina and breasts deserve separate attention from you, but do not ignore the other parts of her body. Kiss her wrists, stroke her back, lick her inner thighs. Perhaps that’s where her most sensitive erogenous zone lies. So you only get her more and give her pleasure. Believe me, she will not be in debt.

Don’t fall for her

Of course, how to deal with a woman is your business, but you shouldn’t be bothering her with the whole body. At worst, she just will not have anything to breathe, and this is clearly not the best course of events during sex.

Sex as in porn is big mistake

Of course, some couples practice hard sex on the verge, but if you haven’t practiced it yet, you’d better ask her how she feels about it. After all, if you start moving her head back and forth or ejaculate on her face during a blow job, no one knows what her reaction to such a turn of events will be.


Of course, you want to hear during sex when a woman feels good. Answer her with the same coin. It’s not worth yelling to all the neighbors to go out for a smoke during your sex, but your muffled moans or phrases like “It’s just great” will only ruin her.

Breaker hammer

And the last rule. Perhaps you enjoy moving monotonously in it with constant intensity. But, as practice shows, women like variety. Be energetic and energetic, then try to move more gently and gently, and vice versa.

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