5 Ways for How to Teach a Man to Give Gifts

Sweetheart tried very hard, really. I wanted to please you and surprise you (only the second succeeded). When you open the box, you realize that you got the typical Neo.

How do you teach a man to choose the right gifts?

Valentine’s Day is coming, and you suspect that the loved one will give something wrong again? Then read our article, there’s still time to teach him how to choose the right gifts.

Men, panicking in the eyes in malls in search of gifts for New Year’s Eve, Valentine’s Day or March 8, have long been heroes of comedies and anecdotes. And at the sight of another presentation of your favorite tears come to your eyes … How to avoid annual disappointment and teach him to give you something you like? Let’s start by figuring out why men find it so difficult. So, a man gives a gift to…

Way #1. Just follow the tradition.

It was once thought that only candy, flowers, a book of poems or a bottle of perfume could be accepted as a gift from a gentleman. Norms of propriety have long changed, but many donors still follow the unwritten rule of “flowers – perfume – candy. Psychologist Elizabeth Dun from the University of British Columbia during the experiments found that for men gifts are bright markers of couple compatibility.

If you get a bad one, then your partner doesn’t know you at all, and you’re not right for each other. That’s why they are so afraid to make a mistake – a woman can also make the same conclusions. So here’s another box of “Assorti” for you, dear!

Way #2. To impress…

Often a man sincerely dreams of giving his woman a royal gift. In this case, wealthy noble men are guided first of all by the price. And then the lucky woman may find herself possessing a picture of some modern genius brush or expensive watches. But you can still survive that. But the giantomania, multiplied by modest finances, gives a more depressing effect. A man so eager to give something worthwhile, like a new iPhone, he ends up giving nothing.

There’s no money for an expensive gadget, and it’s a shame to change for little things. What should I do? Women don’t really understand strategies like that. We know very well that a good gift can be made at any budget. So be sure to praise your loved one in those rare moments when he guessed your desires. Emphasize that only a really wise and enterprising man can remember everything and “see through people. Then the loved one will crack up into a cake, but will find out what gift you are waiting for on March 8. And don’t forget to “talk” more often and give clues.

Way #3. To please you as much as last time…

Admit it, you did it (especially at the beginning of a relationship): you get some unnecessary nonsense as a gift, but you don’t give a view. With a happy smile you coo: “Thank you, dear! These earrings are so cool!” Although in these huge rattles you feel like a soloist of a gypsy song ensemble. It’s done – and ten years later the presented hangings would be enough for a whole camp, but to explain that the first time there was a misfire is somehow awkward.

Way #4. To show your sense of humor

According to all kinds of surveys, a sense of humor is consistently among the top five most attractive male qualities. It is a pity that men do not always understand when to turn off the fountain of wit and turn on the seriousness and/or sentimentality. Whoever has received a gift box of gum from Tiffany knows how not funny it is.
What should I do? Get over it: it’s not treatable. And hope that someday your loved one gives you a diamond ring. Even if it’s on a roll of toilet paper.

Way #5. To show your solidity

What a joy it can be to have an expensive tiny bottle that smells like lilies! Whether it’s a cookbook, a powerful vacuum cleaner or the coolest nonstick frying pan. That’s the thing! I’ve been complaining for a long time that romance has gone out of our lives. So my husband gave me a slanted clay vase on March 8th. But for his birthday, he promised me flowers. I’m very much looking forward to July – fortunately, there are many flowers in summer. Larissa, 38 years old. What should I do?

To explain that the gift is not for good, but for the soul. Well, to tell in detail, specifying the shops, what exactly the soul needs. It’s better to do it now, it’ll only get worse with the years. Researchers from the University of Basel in Switzerland have found out who is better at making gifts: couples who have recently met, or families with solid experience of 30-40 years. The latter lost by a wide margin. Scientists explain this by the fact that as people get older, they increasingly believe that their partner wants what he or she wants.

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