5+ Dating Rules You Should Definitely Break

So many people, so many dating rules. However, there are also universal solutions. Undoubtedly, among them there are those that under no circumstances should not be broken (for example, do not get drunk to death and ask to take you home in a taxi), but there are also those from which it is still worth it.

The rule: do not talk to her immediately about your attitude towards children. Otherwise she will think that you are too ahead of events.

Why would you break that rule Believe me, it is really bad when you build a serious relationship with a person, and in months or years it will turn out that you have diametrically opposed views on the issue of continuation of the family. It is better not to drag out the novel, which was originally doomed to failure, and find out all the moments at once. The same rule applies to religious and political views and sexual preferences.

The rule: don’t talk to her about your exes. Women do not like to be compared to former partners.

Why break this rule? I do not argue that comparing her with her ex-boyfriends is an ungrateful exercise that can ruin any date. On the other hand, you do it not to piss her off, but not to repeat your mistakes. Yes, and naive to think that you have never had a sexual life before. Be adults, talk about why it was difficult in past relationships and compare your views on life situations.

The rule is, after you’ve been dating for a while, you stop looking after yourself.

Why should you break this rule? At the initial stage of the relationship you prepare for every date – shaving like in the army, pouring out all the cologne on yourself, trying to look tidy and well-groomed. Why? Otherwise, no one will want to talk to you for more than two minutes, unless you go on a date with the queen of beer on Contract Square.

But time passes, you get into the comfort zone, when nobody needs to prove anything anymore and let everything go on its own. But girls can’t stand it for a long time, so make an effort and at least create the illusion that you’re trying to look good.

The rule is that a man has to pay for everything.

Why break this rule? The most insurmountable rule for our mentality. You’re a tough guy – why don’t you pay for it? But isn’t she poor enough not to pay for her dinner or drink? After all, if she goes on a date with you so that you pay for everything, then she needs a sponsor or “daddy”, but not you.

Ideal in this situation – sometimes he pays for both, sometimes she, and from time to time you pay each for yourself. Especially since women are increasingly demanding equal rights with men. So pamper her ego!

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