45+ Deep Intimate Questions You Can Ask a Girl

If you want to know as much as possible about a girl, then you should ask her some intimate questions . However, be sure that a certain trust has already developed between you to speak on such sensitive issues. Otherwise, the girl will consider you an inadequate young man, and at best stop the conversation.

I made a list of 50 intimate questions. They will help to reveal the whole essence of the girl. After that, it will be easier and easier for you to communicate and have a relationship. Since you know each other better.

Despite the fact that some questions may seem naive or “from a position from below,” you can still draw a lot of useful information from them and draw certain conclusions for yourself. Choose for yourself some of the most interesting intimate questions and use them to develop communication with your beloved.

Intimate questions to a girl

  • # 1 If you had no life responsibilities, what would you do day after day?
  • # 2 How promising do you think our relationship is?
  • # 3 How important is marriage to you? How important are family and children? Do you have a deadline for these things in your mind?
  • # 4 How would you like your life to change in five years? Do you see me as part of such a change?
  • # 5 Do you have any needs in life that are not being realized? What can I do to help you in this regard?
  • # 6 Would you stay with me if I knew that I can’t have children? If I had a criminal record? If I had a big debt? If I get very sick?
  • # 7 Would you stay with me if I had an accident that would ruin my appearance?
  • # 8 Have I ever hurt you, and were you silent at that moment?
  • # 9 What thoughts make you miserable?
  • # 10 What could I do to make you believe that I love you?
  • # 11 What could you do, after which you would fall in love with me even more?
  • # 12 Have you ever thought about the nature of love?
  • # 13 Are you hung up on memories of the past? Would you like to erase certain memories from my head?
  • # 14 Still have feelings for someone from your past?
  • # 15 What attracted you to me as soon as we met?
  • # 16 How important is physical attraction between a guy and a girl to you?
  • # 17 Would you be hurt if you knew that I still have feelings for my ex-girlfriend?
  • # 18 When was the first time you really kissed a guy?
  • # 19 At what age did she lose her virginity? How it was?
  • # 20 How many guys were in your life?
  • # 21 Ever cheated? Why? Under what circumstances?
  • # 22 Do you have sexual fantasies? Which ones?
  • # 23 How do you feel about role-playing games ?
  • # 24 Do you masturbate? How often?
  • # 25 Imagine a perfect relationship. How often would you like to have intimacy in them?
  • # 26 What was your parents family life like? Would you call their union harmonious?
  • # 27 What would change in me?
  • # 28 What definition do you give to the concept of “love”?
  • # 29 What would you change in yourself?
  • # 30 If you have to tell other people about me, what do you say?
  • # 31 What moment from the past would you return to? Why?
  • # 32 Which of the past relationships were the happiest? Why are they over?
  • # 33 When the conflict grows, how do you react?
  • # 34 What is the biggest hurdle you’ve ever encountered in your life? How did you overcome it?
  • # 35 What do you consider your greatest achievement in life? What else would you like to achieve?
  • # 36 What moment from the past would you like to forget?
  • # 37 Do you have nightmares? What usually happens in them?
  • # 38 Do you forgive yourself for your own misconduct?
  • # 39 Ever wanted to run away from reality? Did you manage to do this?
  • # 40 What would you like to tell me the most?
  • # 41 Is there something you don’t know about me but would like to know?
  • # 42 What do you think makes our relationship with you unique, not like others?
  • # 43 In what place or country would you like to be with me?
  • # 44 What is your favorite memory from our relationship history?
  • # 45 Do you believe in fate, predestination?
  • # 46 Would you like to become famous? How?
  • # 47 Describe your “perfect day”?
  • # 48 How much time do you need to get enough sleep?
  • # 49 Are you an owl or an early bird?
  • # 50 Do you believe in female friendship?

That’s all. Now you know what intimate questions a girl can ask. Good luck!

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