4 The Most Creative Ideas on How Not To Make This a Problem | Your girlfriend is uncontrollable

You must have stumbled upon all these stupid journal quests more than once in your life: how do you know if your girlfriend is hiding something from you? We ourselves wrote something like that – which will not happen in twenty years. But times are changing, and it’s time to raise the question in a different way. In any case, the girl is hiding something from you – this is normal, but whether you are able to cope with the fact that she has her own space and time is a big question. However, we also have answers to it.

1. There is such a type of folk wisdom: ask and find out, but do not ask, you won’t know

In fact, it’s best to agree on everything ashore. If from the very beginning you did not find out everything you wanted, then it will be more difficult, since new levels of constraint inevitably arise in relationships, oddly enough. Yes, along with intimacy and contemplation of each other’s nudity, a certain alienation is also growing. It is on this basis that they begin to go crazy with jealousy and suspicion. Julian Barnes has a good old novel, Before She Met Me, on this subject. Male suspicion is designed so that, if you give it free rein, you begin to be jealous not of the future or the present, but of the past, and then write is gone. 

2. So everything is arranged in human relations, that any omission by default (sorry for the semi-tautology) means something sexual and volatile

But this is far from always the case. A woman can have hundreds of reasons not to share this or that information with you, and if her phone was unavailable for two hours, this does not mean at all that she spent this time in a hotel with an hourly rate. Therefore, first try to understand what exactly in her behavior worries you. Most likely, you simply do not know her very well and her skeletons in the closet do not necessarily have an impressive erection. It can be the thinnest matter from the past or equally elusive fears of the future. Do not fit into them with claims voiced once by the Zero group: gave / not given ?! In the end, there is basic information hygiene, and if she wants to keep her messengers with seven passwords, then maybe

3. Of course, nothing infuriates more than the silence of others

As Aldous Huxley said: a person cannot be forgiven for only one thing – absence. And a woman, we add from ourselves, cannot be forgiven for her absent appearance. It is clear that the more she is silent, the stronger you start. Where were you, in fact? Why are you silent? Or maybe I should leave? What are you all the same … Stop-stop. Sometimes her bad mood simply means a bad mood. Sometimes you just need to shut up yourself – shut up first. Keep silent – you will fall into pervachi, it is not said by us.

4. Here’s another thing to understand: openness is not always good

The lack of secrets, of course, is a thankful thing, especially in sex with seniority , but nevertheless, if we are talking about love, it in some sense rests on understatements and half-tones. So, it may turn out that if she doesn’t say something, she just keeps it in her head – for your, ultimately, sexual good.

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