24+ The Most Deep Intimate Questions to Ask a Girl&Guy

LifeCouple.Info is conducting another experiment! For several days I talked with my male friends and asked them the same questions about sex. All three are of the same age, but completely different professions. The difference in the answers and the coloring of the statement of thought itself struck me. So, here is our short profile, below are the guys’ answers.

  1. Will you consider a girl easily accessible if she sleeps with you on a second date?
  2. What in no case should girls do in bed?
  3. Can relationships that last only on sex develop into something serious?
  4. Is there a sexual attachment to one woman?
  5. Are we really beautiful without makeup in the morning?
  6. Why is oral sex important for a man?
  7. What do you enjoy most in bed from?
  8. Describe your most vivid sexual fantasy that has not yet been realized.
  9. How many sexual partners are considered indecent? Does it matter how many men a woman had before you?
  10. Why do men have anal sex?
  11. Tell us about the best sex in your life, how was it?
  12. Tell us about the biggest oddity of the girl in bed.


1. A moot point. It seems to me that there is no definite answer, it all depends on the situation. Girls today are quite cunning creatures, and the algorithm for their behavior is unpredictable. Easily accessible can think through everything to the smallest detail, calculate and sleep “as it should” after five dates, while an honest, sweet and decent girl will fall in love with her ears and immediately jump into bed.

2. Scratching constantly! Once, a girl began to scratch me so hard that she got a palm on her forehead.

3. It is unlikely. Even the most delicious candy gets bored over time.

4. I believe that temporarily such a thing has a place to be. Temporarily, because an old version will come to replace the good old “machine”, in which the flaws of the previous model will be more or less fixed.

5. Depends on the degree of camouflage in the evening.

6. Important, very important, and non-negotiable.

7. Sometimes I can get much more pleasure from the increasing foreplay than from the sex itself. It’s easier for me to say why I don’t get pleasure – if a girl suffers from the so-called “log syndrome”.

8. Perhaps this is a threesome.

9. I will answer with a quote from one publicly known public on social networks: “No matter how much was before you, it is important that you be the last.”

10. The issue is without clarification, and it can be turned into a reproach to heterosexual men. The answer is: a man needs anal sex for the overall development of both sides in a woman.

11. It was in the house of the girl’s parents. Everyone went to bed, but, of course, we were not up to sleep. Then began what I remember well – touching with kisses smoothly moved into a position of mutual oral pleasure – pose “69”. When we were both ready, we had traditional sex. Moans and rustles a little worried us, but nobody was going to slow down. Anal sex became the climax, after which we both got what we fought for. Fortunately, we did not find out how this reacted to the mother who was sleeping in the next room.

12. I have not had experience with strange girls yet, although the level of “strangeness” is different for everyone. Nothing to share yet.


1. If on the second, I will consider it inaccessible. I like it when a girl is frank in her interest in having sex with me. If you inspire a man with yourself, then a night spent together will lead you to feelings of mutual and passionate admiration. Why deny yourself this?

2. Show intelligence if it is not. Or bite your lip through.

3. Basically, all my relationships began. Not so we are goats, we also want romance and warmth … Although in the end we still turn out to be goats.

4. You know, I would never refuse sex again with the one I already had. Affection remains after each. But sometimes it becomes dull if all my senses are directed towards “that one”.

5. If we are with you in the morning, then we want to see you without makeup. These desires are one level higher than the desire to have sex. We have already very well examined every cell of your face and at least a little, but fell in love. This love remains the next morning, like the aftertaste of good sex.

6. It’s hard to answer. Personally, I get more pleasure from cunnilingus than when they give me a blowjob.

7. From her orgasm, her euphoria, from the contraction of the muscles of her vagina on my penis.

8. The most difficult question. I can not answer. Any fantasy is a picture in your head that you want to realize. And actions and movements in sex should not be dictated by the head, they should be born in sensations. If I put a collar on a girl, it’s not because I saw a scene in a movie, but because it blows away the roof from excitement, it darkens in my eyes from the desire to possess it.

9. It’s hard when she had no one before you. Everything else is an experience that is really appreciated.

10. I even remember the date. On this day, I felt the moment that Goethe wrote about in Faust. I was on top of everything, I did not need anything else from life. I was ready to die. It covered me with pleasure, it was like an explosion of a galaxy, and it happened in every cell of me. It was just very good and emotional sex. Neither I nor she limited herself to anything. We simply surrendered to passion and enjoyed, I did not feel any barriers between us, we were completely open to each other. Women, do not be shy of your desires! It is a myth that men only need bodies, from feelings the orgasm is stronger at times!

12. When she fell asleep with a hand on my cock. However, I liked it. At night you wake up and feel her hand. And in the morning you can wake her up by yourself.


1. I will think that I did wrong if she did not sleep with me at first. In fact, I think it’s completely unimportant – on the first, second or third date, sex occurs. The woman’s easy accessibility is determined by many factors, from behavior to how she takes off her dress.
2. No need to climb into my ass! True, girls, I don’t know where they told you that it is very cool to stimulate a guy’s anus during a blow job or just to climb there. I don’t reach your ass with your fingers, and you, be kind, don’t touch me either. And another pubis. If everything is fine and visually neat there, then this is cool. But if you have irritation there, three hairs or stubble, as in my 14 years old, then what kind of sex is it.
3. From my own experience I will say that they cannot. The most important thing in a strong relationship is mutual understanding, communication and respect for each other, and then sex.

4. Yes. Usually this happens when the two part and are so weaned from real life that they continue to sleep quietly, but they don’t tell anyone about it.

5. Yes. But brush your teeth.

6. Is it not important for women? Probably because of why football is important for football fans. This is cool, nice and … the mouth is the same intimate place on the body of a person! Of course, this is important.
7. From sex, from a partner, from freedom. In bed, the main thing is freedom. So that your partner is also tuned to the wave of “having sex until you lose your pulse.”
8. I would like to sleep with my English teacher, she taught in my 5th grade. But I heard that she died, so it is not destined.
9. No, it doesn’t matter. A man must make sure that after him there is no one.
10. Why do men need any other sex? I don’t know, and I’m not trying to “trick” my girlfriend into this. There was one girl who, on the contrary, wanted to “bite” me. Why do women need anal sex?
11. When I was a teenager with acne and wearing a cap on my head, in one article I read Angelina Jolie’s answer to this question. She said that she was gorgeous every time. I have the same. The most important thing is that you think about the partner, and the partner about you.
12. I was sleeping with a girl from Africa. Everything was out of the ordinary there. And another girl did not like when I fell below the tongue. And the other one was against cunnilingus, but she loved to do blowjob. Yes, I specifically find them to tell you.

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